Naked For Satan, Fitzroy

There’s something about the name ‘Named For Satan’ that intrigues people, at least it intrigues me. I think it’s the kind of imagery that are conjured up in our sinful minds when we think of those words, and of course, the sinful cravings for something vodka and something pintxo.

The tapas bar that is situated on busy Brunswick St in Fitzroy has been the centre of attention since its opening in October last year. The word Pintxo comes from Basque Country in Spain, a popular tapas enjoyed mostly in bars and taverns while accompanying glasses of wine or beer and is the main attraction of this trendy, shiny bar along with its many flavoured vodkas. But of course, they also serve coffees and non-alcoholic beverages for those more able to control their sinfulness.

I’m not sure what Satan has to do with all the coppery tubes and ornaments that is so prevalent throughout the bar but it sure gives it a touch of extra funkiness.


This place works on an honour system where you grab a plate from the front counter and load it up with as many pintxos as you fancy and take it back to your table. Make sure you keep all of the toothpicks stuck in each pintxo as these are used to count how many you had. At the end of your meal, bring all of the toothpicks to the cashier and pay for your meal. They are 80 cents each for lunch monday through to friday as well as dinner from monday to wednesday. They are $2 for all other times. Quite reasonable if you ask me. I know they used to be 50 cents each during off-peak, however, it seems they had recently increased their prices. 50 cents was just too crazy of a price, even 80 cents is enough to get me running over during weekdays. If only I lived a bit closer :(.


I was there to meet with a bunch of girlfriends from high school and while I waited, I ordered myself a Juicy Melons ($11) – infused mint and watermelon vodka with lime and sparkling pink grapefruit juice. Although I could distinctly taste the mint and pink grapefruit, I couldn’t really taste the watermelon at all, what a shame. However for $11, the drink was quite good.

Juicy Melons ($11) – infused mint and watermelon vodka with lime and sparkling pink grapefruit
I only got to eat three pintxos as my friends started to arrive and I felt bad to leave my seat while everyone was busy catching up with one another. I hadn’t met with some of them in years so it was quite exciting! The pintxos I did manage to have were salmon and dill, grilled veggies with goats cheese and a lamb meatball one (I didn’t take a photo of the lamb meatball). They were all very delish, although I preferred the warm ones more. The lamb and grilled veggies were fresh out of the oven, brought to our table by one of the friendly waitresses.


Although I didn’t go myself, I was told by a friend that even their toilets are funky! Next time, I will definitely bring Yuye to Naked for Satan and eat to my heart’s content.

Look at all the naughty pictures on the walls! Love it.

They don’t take bookings so it’s first in first served.

Naked For Satan
Phone: (03) 9416 2238
285 Brunswick St Fitzroy 3065

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  • batasan June 22, 2011, 3:04 pm

    ahhhh they increased their prices 😡

    we always walk past when on brunswick st and always say "ohh let's go there next time" 😡

  • Not Quite Nigella June 23, 2011, 7:32 am

    Your photos are just stunning! So vivid and gorgeous. And hehe at Naked for Satan. Love that name and the name juicy melons haha!

  • Akika (Ichigo Shortcake) June 23, 2011, 8:50 am

    @batasan, YES! sad. Although I never got to eat there when it was cheap. Lets go there next time! 😀 But you're always working…

    @Not Quite Nigella, thank you so much! 😀 It's really happy to finally have some nice-ish photos. Still on my Ls in terms of photography but slowly getting there. I think the name of the place and their dishes/drinks really sets them apart. Love the decorations that go with it too 🙂


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