Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne CBD

From the bright blue to the red and the minimalist decor, Big Boy BBQ is as the name suggests, an American BBQ joint that serves up lots of saucy grilled meats in serves that any ‘big boy’ will be satisfied with. I’ve dined here in many occasions because it’s quite close to my friend’s place and on the most part have had a good experience.

The menu consists of, you guessed it, meat meat and more meat. You can choose from individual serves such as burgers, ribs, meats, chicken wings and sides, or a meat platter in various sizes. Of course, the platters are better value if you’re dining with a few friends and that is what we usually order along with a few sides.

Don’t be fooled by the recommended serves though as I’m not sure how any one single person can finish a Big Boy platter ($99). This comes with various meats and 3 jumbo sides.

I do find the meats all tasting roughly the same though, of BBQ sauce. The meats are usually quite tender and juicy but it starts to get overpowered by the sauce after a number of bites. I’m sure you can ask for less sauce on top though as the meats are already marinated.

We all agree that their sides were quite delicious. In fact, Arch always crave for their chips (jumbo $5.95) and I for their onion strings (jumbo $6.95) and beef chilli (jumbo $7.95). In fact, I’d be happy to just come here and order sides.

I was told the burger wasn’t too shabby either with tender meat and onion strings, what’s not to like? If you don’t like the burger choices, you can always make your own which starts at $8.90.

If you like meat and a whole lot of BBQ sauce, you’ll be right at home at Big Boy BBQ. For me, it’s a tad bit too much BBQ sauce so it’s not a restaurant I can dine at all that often but when I do have a meat craving, this is not a bad choice.

Big Boy BBQ has a sibling in Caulfield for those of you where the CBD is not as convenient.

Big Boy BBQ

Phone: (03) 9670 9388
Address: 27 – 31 Hardware Lane Melbourne, VIC
Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday 12:00pm-9:00pm
Thursday to Saturday 12:00pm-10:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm

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