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Melbourne really is a strange place. One day you think Winter is upon us with rain, sub 10 degrees and windy and the next is sunshine and 28.

Yuye and I planned our long awaited day off together which included brunch and a stop over at Mork specialty chocolate cafe in North Melbourne. As I thought it was cold and raining (it seriously rained in the morning) I wore my winter clothes out and was looking forward to a good hot chocolate while I typed out a post or two.

It didn’t happen. Or rather, the rain didn’t happen. I ended up wearing way too much for the 20 something degree day and full sunshine but as stubborn as I am, I refused to order a cold drink at Mork.

Many of you who frequent cafes around Melbourne might have already noticed the Mork brand as they have been supplying delicious cocoa powder to cafes wholesale, but not long ago decided that it was time they entered the hipster cafe scene themselves and many are glad they did. It shows that the cafe scene doesn’t have to only include coffee which is comforting because there’s room for innovation and development which keeps me on my toes.

The bright and comfortable but not so big room only had a few tables, I’m guessing a lot of people do takeaway hot chocolates. I like this kind of decor as it’s simple and classy.

We were seated at the big communal table and after a few minutes of deciding, I settled on the Dark Milk ($5) which has 65% cocoa and Murray River salt. It was so intensely rich that you can’t drink too much of it at once although I didn’t find it very salty at all. What did I do? I asked for more salt of course. You can add as much as you want or drink it as is which is also very good.

Yuye found the weather way too hot for hot chocolate so he ordered a Chocolate Soda ($7) instead. It came in a tall glass of soda water and the waitress poured the hot chocolate into the glass which then frothed and bubbled at the top. A toddler was next to us when this happened and he watched in awe, it was almost like a science show.

The flavour wasn’t as intensely chocolate as mine which was to expected and quite refreshing, but it still had a good cocoa flavour. The cocoa came from Ecuador “from the co-ops of small growers in the provinces of Esmeralda and Bolivar” and was fermented for 4 days.

There was even tasting notes for it like there are for coffee “ripe banana sweetness, soft and rounded notes of roasted hazelnut and walnut” was what was written. I could taste the faint aromas of hazelnut but not sure about the banana.

Both drinks were in reasonable sizes, not too big so you’d feel bloated but just enough to feel satisfied.

After sitting around for a while, I decided to order another drink. After recommendation, I got the very impressive and entertaining campfire chocolate ($8) with hot chocolate, smoke and marshmallow.

The milk frother is on top of the table, attached to a coffee machine hidden under the counter. It’s a great way to save counter space. According to our chocolate barista Adam “the coffee machine has not made a single coffee in its life”. The frother tap was meant to be a beer tap that has been re-wired and converted into a milk frother. This is all very fascinating and intelligent.

They use Beechworth wood at the moment but might be considering using oak later on. As soon as the smoke gun was activated, such intense smokey aroma filled the room.

The marshmallow was soft and salty, not like the usual marshmallows you get. After you lift the glass, the smoke disappears but a strong smokey smell is left behind so when you drink the hot chocolate, remember to take a deep breathe through your nose to get the full enjoyment.

Just as I was thinking I had chocolate overdose, the waitress brought over a shot of 100% cocoa for us to try. She said if it’s too intense, add a bit of coconut blossom sugar syrup. I actually really liked the syrup. You can purchase the sugar from the shop and just add water to make it into a syrup.

The 100% cocoa was unsweetened, lightly bitter and acidic and very earthy, almost like a coffee. This cocoa is from Venezuela. The plantation is in Sur del Lago, located south of the Maracaibo Lake also fermented to 4 days. The flavours are sweet almonds, coffee, pleasant nuttiness and earthy notes. The sugar really brought out the acidic in the cocoa and we both loved it.

At that point I think I was going to die from cocoa overdose so Yuye drank most of it with a bit of added coconut blossom sugar.

Three cups of hot chocolate was a little too much for one day but I still fully enjoyed it. Next time I will go straight for the campfire chocolate as the entertainment and flavour was worth the extra $3.

You can also order small cakes to have with your chocolatey drink, although we were already quite full from lunch so didn’t order any.

Mork is child friendly for parents who like to bring their children. Although there’s not too many seats, there is enough space for prams and there’s a small kid’s menu with mini chocolate and chocolate foam. Or you can just treat your kids to an adult sized fully indulgent drink as well, it’s up to you.

The location is direction opposite Auction Rooms so is also a great option for after lunch drinks if you’re dining at Auction Rooms. The range of items for sale here will tempt you too, like it tempted me. I ended up buying a coconut blossom sugar as well as a 70% cocoa powder with salted caramel in collaboration with LuxBite. Was our bill worth it? Definitely yes. Would I come again? In a heartbeat.

Question time: Do you like drinking hot chocolate? Do you own a smoke gun? After having the campfire chocolate, I have serious cravings for a smoke gun. Anyone know where I can get one? 😛

Mork Chocolate

Phone: (03) 9328 1386
Address: 150 Errol St North Melbourne, VIC
Opening Hours:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday – Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

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  • cquek April 24, 2015, 5:04 pm

    Woah to the wow! i wish to be there i love chocolates. btw i like her handbag.

  • Maureen | Orgasmic Chef April 24, 2015, 7:32 pm

    Lucky to be you down there. That would be a fun experience – almost like a food show. 🙂

  • Rocky Mountain Woman April 25, 2015, 2:13 am

    That looks like my kind of place! What fun….

  • Curious Charlie April 25, 2015, 3:49 am

    I do love hot chocolate! I’m still confused as to if Mork uses a powder or melted chocolate? Leaning towards powder. We had yet to visit Mork but shall do when it gets colder.

    Smoking gun? No 😛 We prefer daggers. *Lady Macbeth*

    Did a little research for you, $120 is the best price in Australia. And I do believe there’s an WS at Chadstone.

  • Cakelaw April 25, 2015, 10:52 am

    I am so there for the campfire hot chocolate – yum!


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