Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

I love eating pears as much as I like eating many other fruits. I like them skin on in all its raw glory, or skin off and poached in many ways. However, even though I love my pears, we don't actually eat it all that often. Strange isn't it? Perhaps it's because I leave it Read More

I'm very glad that Yuye and I love to share food. I could never understand when a couple orders the same dish when they go out. This is something we never do as I'm not content with just eating a single dish when I can try two dishes at once. So it's a custom for Read More

I'm really not good with Monday mornings. The only thing I can think about when lying in my comfy and warm bed is how not to go to work. With our shop, it's quite flexible in the sense that...I can make Yuye go to work if I tried hard enough, but today I got out Read More

The first time I dined at Industry Beans was over a year ago. For one reason or another, I never wrote a post about the meal. Thankfully, Yuye wasn't present at the first visit so we had the chance to go there again recently. Like I first remembered, it was a great meal full of Read More

After my last attempt at making Yuye drink a smoothie containing oatmeal, I made a second attempt using raspberries. Again, he said it was tasty but I'm not too sure I've changed his opinion about oats just yet. Raspberries make this smoothie more refreshing and fruity. It almost reminds me of summer... It's been getting Read More

I was digging through my old photos and realised that there were a few meals I haven't yet blogged about but would be a shame if I didn't because I quite enjoyed them. One of them was Shoya. I used to dine here all the time with Yuye, that was before my blogging days. After Read More

I've always loved the colour of the persimmon. It's golden orange and its rustic warm feel signals that Autumn is among us. The yellowing of leaves and the arrival of Autumn veggies and fruits are what I love about Autumn. The only thing that inevitably comes with it is the cold temperatures and the unbearable Read More

I've always loved the classic BLT (that's bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwiches, even if they can be a little boring. There's something special about that combination of slightly fatty but so delicious bacon and the freshness of the lettuce and tomato that makes this a favourite for many people. But of course, doesn't matter how Read More