Laksa King, Flemington

It’s been years since I last went to the Melbourne Show, in fact, I believe I’ve only ever been twice. Since I just got my 550D about two weeks ago, I decided to try it out at a slightly more crowded place to hone my photo-taking skills.

Before embarking on my first photo adventure with my beloved baby, Y, T and I decided to eat at Laksa King in Flemington for lunch. This Malaysian restaurant has been featured in the Age Cheap Eats for the past number of years and I can assure you, it is definitely worth every dollar you are paying.

Laksa King used to be situated inside a cramped and dingy little arcade at 320 Racecourse Rd. Seating availability was next to none due to their immense popularity and calling up to make a booking is generally essential to avoid disappointment. Their recent move to their new location at 6-12 Pin Oak Crescent (just around the corner from the old shop and right opposite Newmarket Station) greatly improved the lack of seating. However, even on a rainy Monday lunch time, free tables were a rarity.

The new interiors of the building are modern and a bit on the artsy side. I especially like the environmentally friendly ‘all bamboo’ furniture. However, I believe the cleanliness and extra space has killed the ‘hidden gem’ feeling of the old Laksa King, although the quality of the food has remained fairly similar.

When you visit Laksa King, it is generally inevitable that you order their signature dishes – laksas, at least it is for me and my companions. I may not have had many laksas in my lifetime, but I can safely say that they are the best laksas I’ve ever had, and I believe, will remain that way for a long time to come.

Y and I decided to order the fish fillet curry laksa (above) with thick vermicelli as we were unsure about T’s suggestion of the fish head laksa (the teeth and eyeball always scared me a little), although I must say, the fish head laksa was a lot more photogenic (below).

It seemed like hard work eating around all those bones though.

We had wanted to order dessert after the meal, however, the volume of yumminess was too much for our stomachs to hold. I had virtually taken down all of the soup as well which was rare(ish). This is definitely a place I would come back to time and time again and despite what some people have said about the quality of the food (ie. not as good as before etc), I would still highly recommend this to anyone wanting to find authentic and delicious Malaysian food in Melbourne.

Laksa King
6 – 12 Pin Oak Crescent
Flemington VIC 3031
Phone: (03) 9372 6383

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