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A few weeks ago Y and I were lost as to where to have dinner (this happens quite a lot actually). Instead of going through the Entertainment Book this time, we decided to go on a little adventure down Glenferrie Road. Our adventurous hearts brought us to Remy in Malvern. The full name of this restaurant is Remy Bar Restaurant Tapas & Vino (or Cafe Remy according to Urbanspoon). They offer a wide selection of traditional Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine such as tapas, pastas, steaks and desserts.

Although on the slightly expensive side, this restaurant boasts an extensive wine list, a cosy atmosphere and delicious food. It even has its own bar (below).

Service was fantastic, our orders were placed and brought to us very quickly and the waitress was very friendly (she kept suggesting that I should send them the photos I took which made me question the photos’ quality, after all, I’m still such an amateur at this). Remy is not a large restaurant so seating seemed slightly cramped, however, for us it was sufficient.

After a long time staring at the many options available, I settled with the Valentia Paella (a mix of many ingredients including seafood and chicken with calasparra rice) ($38) while Y ordered the chicken saltimbocca – chicken breast topped with sage leaves and prosciutto, pan-fried and served on herbed risotto ($28).

The paella was not a cheap dish, however, considering how big it was (believe me it was big) and how big the prawns were, I thought it was a reasonable price to pay. It tasted wonderfully aromatic with plenty of tomato, capsicum and seafood flavours (I usually hate capsicums in my dish but surprisingly this was an exception). I must admit, I’ve never tried a proper paella before this but if this is what they taste like, I love it! I could have done with a few more lemons though.

The chicken was slightly overcooked but still quite tasty. The risotto was a big hit with Y and probably offset the dryness of the chicken. We’re still wondering how they made the prosciutto stick to the chicken so well…usually we have to use massive amounts of toothpicks at home which are hard to take out. I wonder if the chef would be willing to share this little secret with us next time we go… :3 my chances are probably not too great…

Unfortunately we were both way too full after those dishes (due to the size of the paella) and there wasn’t any room for dessert (oh so very unfortunate). Next time we’ll order tapas just enough to not be hungry and get those Spanish churros….yum yum….
283-285 Glenferrie Rd
Malvern 3144 VIC
Phone: (03) 9509 8661

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  • Dana October 5, 2010, 12:59 pm

    The place looked very empty!

  • Akika October 5, 2010, 1:07 pm

    We got there fairly late, there were hardly any free seats when we walked passed it earlier 🙂


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