Bar Bosh, Knox Shopping Centre

It’s difficult to decide where to eat for lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon – there’s just too many choices! I decided to flip through my trusty Entertainment Book to find some inspiration and finally settled with Bar Bosh in the Knox Shopping Centre. This place doesn’t really stand out amongst all the bustling restaurants in the restaurant strip called the Knox O-Zone, however after reading their menu, Yuye and I were convinced it was going to be good. We were totally right!

The restaurant is actually quite big with two sections inside (on either side of the bar) and a large open area outside as well (which is where we were seated). There are small fireplaces inside which looked very comfortable and warm to sit next to in Winter, almost like you’re sitting in your own living room. According to the waitress, Bar Bosh can seat up to 200 people (I could be making this number up since it’s been a while and my brain is rusty). What I do remember is that waitress’s smile – it’s the best smile I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, she was also quite shy and didn’t want a photo taken. Sorry guys, you’ll have to go there to see for yourselves :P.

We had mixed review about the food – Yuye’s Eggs Benedict ($14) was average and quite small, not the best we’ve had. We did like the hollandaise sauce though since it had the right amount of sourness and creaminess to it. It was so small that Yuye finished his just as I started to eat my food and he spent most of the time helping me to finish mine!

What I ordered was superb – lamb tagine with roasted pumpkin and rice ($22.70). It was sweet from the soft pumpkin and carrots which melted in my mouth and richly aromatic from the tender lamb and spices. So good that I wanted to get more to takeaway for dinner. We did think it got a bit too sweet after a while though but still fantastic. It was a huge dish and if Yuye’s meal wasn’t small, I doubt we could have finished it even with our combined effort.

The drinks were average though – Yuye’s cranberry juice ($3.70) was as expected and my iced coffee ($5.70) was nice and refreshing, but probably not the best I’ve had. I should try their coffees next time.

Recommended for a relaxing and delicious lunch/dinner after a good shopping session or movie at the Knox Shopping Centre.
Bar Bosh
Phone: (03) 9887 5611
Shop 2219, Knox O-Zone
Knox Shopping Centre
509 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC

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