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When I think of American food, I think of Man Versus Food (the TV show where the host stuffs his face across restaurants in America) and Misty’s Diner seems like it walked straight out of that show onto busy High Street in Prahran. It just screams classic crap-tacular American food such as burgers, fries, buffalo wings, bbq pork ribs and oreo thickshakes just to name a few.

When I walked through the front entrance, the decorations and ambience of the place awed me. I couldn’t help but stare at all the colourful imported American sweets, drinks and nibbles such as the once-popular Poptarts that line the entire counter. Even more intriguing were the colourful seats and wall decorations such as the Elvis Presley vinyls, Marilyn Monroe posters and many American state license plates.

We were lucky enough to go just before Halloween so the entire store was decorated with spider webs and ghosty crawlies which contributed even more American feel to the place.

They were very busy however, the only seats that were still available were at the front of the store (the rest were booked out) and service was also rather ordinary. The waitresses were very nice – they explained the situation and apologised for the delay (we had to wait nearly half an hour for our food), but their all-American accents made it all better. We were there for the experience afterall.

The first dish that came was the Blooming Onion ($10.90), which was basically fried onion rings in the shape of a flower with Ranch dipping sauce. It was actually very nice and disappeared instantly when it arrived. Their ranch sauce was fantastic, next time I visit, I will buy some of the sauce to take home.

Next was the 24hr Pulled Pork that Y got ($17.90), It was just as expected – oily, meaty, full of BBQ sauce (excessive according to Y) and very delicious. It was a bit messy to eat but was worth every bit of finger licking.

I felt gluttonous that night (being very hungry and all) so I ordered the Misty’s Meat Lover’s Platter ($29.90), even though the waitress warned us that we’ve ordered too much food. Lo and behold, we had to take half of the platter home. The waitress who brought us the platter was very nice and showed us how to eat the wings properly – coat them in the buffalo sauce then dip one of the other sauces (ranch, blue cheese or BBQ) and if you like, chilli as well. Y wasn’t too keen on the buffalo sauce though because it was VERY sour, but I loved it. In my opinion though, only the buffalo wings were worth eating so next time I’d order a bucket of wings instead. However, the platter might be ok for a group to share.


The drinks we ordered were great – I ordered the Oreo Dark Chocolate Thickshake ($7.95). I can still remember the sensation when I took the first sip, my whole body almost melted. There were whole pieces of small Oreo biscuits which made me so happy eating them. I would come back to Misty’s just to have their thickshakes. Y ordered a Shasta Grape Soda ($3.10 I think). It was what I expected, a burst of carbonated artificial grape flavour, but being American, it somehow tasted better than the other grape drinks I’ve had.

EDIT – Second visit to Misty’s Diner

Yuye and I craved for Misty’s the day after my Misty’s post so we decided to venture to Prahran again for lunch. This time there weren’t as many customers so service was fantastic and we got to sit next to a cute jukebox.

We actually got to meet Misty herself! I’m a sucker for personalised service so no apologies for the ‘biasedness’ here. You can add her on Facebook at Misty’s Diner. 🙂

After our last meal, we know their sandwiches are nice so we went straight for those. Y ordered a Misty’s Monte Cristo ‘Elvis would be proud’ sandwich ($13.90) with the Con Queso Fries as a combo (extra $5.90). The sandwich had 3 pieces of bread all dipped in egg and deep fried with sliced ham, turkey, cheese and mustard and finally dusted with icing sugar. It’s best eaten with your hands and dipped in the awesome raspberry jam and cream. It reminded me of French toast except with more filling and perhaps a little more oily. There were four quarters but I could only eat 1 and Y ate 2.5. Unfortunately, we were both too full to finish that last bit of oily goodness. The fries were a bit soggy, but that’s to be expected since was covered in a thick layer of cheesy salsa.


I ordered the BBQ Beef Roll with beef gravy and baked cheese with Wet Fries combo ($11.90 + $5.90). It was really big and totally scrumptious. In fact, the Wet Fries had the same topping as the beef roll. The roast beef was very tender to my surprise and the gravy was thick and very beefy – the perfect match. We couldn’t finish all the fries though so next time we’d probably only get one combo.

For drinks, Y got another artificially flavoured soda – Big Red ($3.10). It tasted exactly like it’s name….big in ‘red’ flavour. There’s just no other way to explain it except maybe slightly raspberry like…but not actually raspberry. I got the Reese’s Pieces thickshake ($7.95) and my was it delicious. It was even better than the Oreo thickshake! I became an instant fan. For those of you who don’t know, Reeses Pieces is an American sweet which has a peanut butter (or penuche rather – which is more like fudge) centre and coated in chocolate, so the thickshake essentially tasted like that – chocolatey and peanuty. So think of peanut M&Ms except the centre is soft. Yum.

We were pretty happy and full by the end of the meal and to top it off, we bought a number of munchies with us – the infamous Chocolate Pop Tarts, Milk Duds, Whoppers and a little Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Another fantastic experience at Misty’s.

Misty’s is on the Entertainment Book so for those of you with the book, try it out!

A few special notes:
1. If you visit during the week of your birthday and you can prove it, Misty’s staff will give you a free dessert and sing happy birthday for you (I saw it happen the day I went and it was such a festive and happy environment).

2. Misty’s is having a Thanksgiving Special on November 25 where the food is all you can eat for $50 an adult or $10-$20 for kids. I can guarantee the store will be nicely decorated with Autumn warmness and hearty Thanksgiving food.

3. There is a car wash next door to Misty’s called The Works Car Wash. They are affiliated with Misty’s so don’t be alarmed when you pay with your credit card or EFTPOS and the name shows up as the car wash.

I highly recommend this restaurant, however, a rigorous exercise and diet routine is also recommended following your visit. Also, the quality of food really depends on what you order so don’t visit with very high expectations, rather, just enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere.
Misty’s Diner
Phone: (03) 9510 0033
103-105 High Street, Prahran VIC

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  • Choux-Fleur March 4, 2011, 4:37 am

    Excellent post here! And I agree with what you said about not expecting too much. I had the best time at misty's with my friends and meeting misty was awesome. My burger was a bit dry but as I had ordered all this other food (because I'm such a glut) and my butterfinger milkshake was ace, it didn't matter too much. The atmosphere and the appetizers were great. I had so much fun, and I bought twinkies!

    Also, I just wanna say I really like your blog. It's awesome and I look forward to reading more 🙂

  • Akika (Ichigo Shortcake) March 6, 2011, 8:07 am

    @Choux-Fleur, thanks so much for reading my blog and for your comments!! 😀 I'm in China at the moment so it's a bit hard to post things but more will come. 🙂

  • Deanna December 19, 2011, 5:54 pm

    This kind of makes me embarrassed to be an American. Our food is so much more diverse and better than that. Since I had a burger and fries for dinner last night, I guess its not actually that far off.


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