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Suzuran is one of my favourite sushi shops in Melbourne (as well as one of my favourite Japanese grocery stores). Although not a proper dine-in restaurant where you can sit down, the quality of their sushi and sashimi rivals that of many high class and expensive places. Yuye and I have driven many a kilometre to Suzuran be it sunny or not just to eat their food. You can either order when you get there and browse the large collection of Japanese sweets, sauces and sake while you wait or you can call up beforehand and pick up your order at a specified time (this is probably best if you have a large order).

The takeaway platter boxes are neatly wrapped in commercial glad-wrap which keeps them fresher on the drive home (or to a park like I do). I quite like the platter boxes actually and have kept a few for future picnics.

Yuye and I really like to stuff our faces. We’ve gotten the Sushi and Sashimi (Large) Platter ($53) on numerous occasions which is huge. Every time, I was so bloated afterwards that I couldn’t even walk. All the sashimi have been cut in the same thickness and tasted very ‘meaty’. I’ve found over my many years of eating sashimi that the way it’s cut is actually very important and can completely change the feel and taste in your mouth. Suzuran has obviously mastered this difficult technique. The fish was of course also very fresh. Another note is that there’s actually two prawns stacked on top of each other on the prawn sushi which makes it taste a lot better.

On another occasion, we ordered the Sushi and Sashimi (Med for two people) Platter ($36) along with 2 eel ($5) and 4 scallop ($10) a la carte sushis. You can see the eel and scallop photos below. Scallops are best eaten fresh and raw in my opinion, they have a natural sweetness that melts in your mouth and has a different texture compared to raw fish. Totally delicious.

The last time we went, we bought almost $100 worth of sushi (it was meant to be for 3 people including my brother) but in the end we had a small box left over. We ordered the Sushi and Sashimi platter ($36) again as well as the Sushi Mix platter (Med – 24 pieces for $35) and 4 eel ($10), 2 scallops ($5) and 2 salmon roe sushi ($5). Mind you, my brother probably eats twice the amount I do and we still couldn’t finish them. He had the left overs as an afternoon snack :).

It might not seem like the cheapest sushi but when you think about, even a box of sushi from Sushi Sushi costs around $14 which is just enough for one person so why would you not spend a few more bucks and get something awesome? I know I would.
Phone: (03) 9882 2349
1025 Burke Road
Camberwell VIC (near the corner of Burke Rd and Canterbury Rd)

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