Cafe Trevi, Lygon St Carlton

I want to go to a nice pizza place for lunch” Jeff (my younger brother) said when I picked him up from the airport after a week of sun and fun at schoolies in the Gold Coast. I decided Lygon St might be a good place to start. Yuye suggested trying a new place this time, giving the usual Universal a miss. We adventured into the unknown (really just crossed the road) and found ourselves outside Cafe Trevi. What attracted us was the big sign that said “woodfire pizza” which was of course, exactly what we were looking for so Cafe Trevi it was.

Unfortunately, both Yuye and I weren’t hungry (stupid us for having Subway in the morning, and yes I know, who’d have Subway for breakfast right?) so we only ordered drinks. Jeff was a tad gluttonous (like he always is) and ordered a soup plus a large pizza. I believe the soup actually came with a basket of bread, I figured this because of the receipt which said 1 Minestrone/Basket of Bread (Main) $9.50. The bread itself was nice and soft and Jeff also said the soup was nice. I didn’t try any of the soup myself so I can’t really comment but it did look a bit on the watery side to me and lacked pasta (which is an ingredient I like in my minestrone). Nevertheless, Jeff said it was nice so I’ll take his word for it.


Yuye and I did try a bit of the pizza though which we all thought was great. The pizza was a large Basilicata which was overflowing with mozzarella cheese, basil and plenty of delicious and oily pesto. The base was thin and crunchy, with the exception of the centre being a little soggy from the oils of the pesto. I suggested for Jeff to also add proscuitto for some added flavour which did make it taste better. Although nice, I’d say it wasn’t my favourite pizza ever, just because I’m not a big fan of pizza, especially ones without a whole lot of topping on it, but Yuye and Jeff liked it.


Below are the drinks we ordered. My mocha ($3.50) was thick and strong in coffee flavour and not too sweet like some others I’ve had. I like my coffees and mochas a bit stronger (I used to ask for double shots of coffee) so this was just to my liking. You can see the clumps of chocolate powder on the top which made it look a bit diseased but boy it sure was a good kick :). Yuye just got black tea for $4.50 which came out of a packet so it wasn’t anything special.


Overall it was a good meal (mostly for Jeff anyway), the only thing I wanted to complain about was their toilet. It was small with only 2 cubicles and BOTH had broken doors. I think that’s something that should eventually get fixed because I don’t like (nor do most people I assume) fearing someone will push open the door while I’m inside. I think having bad toilets at a restaurant really annoys me. Other than this, Cafe Trevi seemed like a good place for a meal, especially when you’re craving for cheesy pizza. Although I think next time, I will try some of their pasta as well.

On a side note, we went next door to La Parisienne Pates (a classy French deli and cafe) for some fantastic macarons afterwards. I will be posting that up next so watch this space!

Cafe Trevi
Phone: (03) 9349 1029
296 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

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  • Yuye December 7, 2010, 12:59 am

    Cheesy pizza is the best! Always great when a restaurant is generous with topping. Was happy when the pizza wasn't baked with prosciutto on it, rather letting the remnant heat of the pizza cook it through.

    Also, I think you forgot to add tags to this post…

  • Akika December 7, 2010, 2:16 am

    @Yuye, I added the tags, thanks 😀


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