I miss you Sydney

In fact, it’s not just Sydney I miss, it’s all things travel related.

It feels like forever since I last went on a holiday, even longer since I last went to Sydney (this was just more than a year ago now). I had wanted to post up these photos a long long time ago, at least before this year’s Festival of the Winds but I just never got around processing the photos.

So, here it is, a little bit late (or very late rather) but it was such a great trip so I wanted to share these moments with you.

Every year at Bondi Beach, the Festival of the Winds is held where hundreds of kites fly high in the sky. It’s usually early to mid September that it happens.

When we went, it was a beautiful sunny day like it seems to be all the time in Sydney. Bondi was so full of people it took us well over half an hour to find a parking spot. But it was all worth it.

The colours and sheer size of some of these kites were simply breathtaking. There were people having picnics by the beach, painting murals on the walls and listening to music while they enjoyed the scenery.

Why doesn’t Melbourne have grand festivals like this?

We were very hungry by the time we parked so decided to eat at a restaurant by the beach. Just finding a place with free seats was difficult. Finally we came upon Papa Giovanni Pizza House. It took a little while for food to arrive but the quality of the food was not compromised by how busy they were.

And yes, it was perfect weather for some beer.

My seafood marinara was cooked to perfection with squid that was so soft I swear I could have eaten it without teeth. There was plenty of seafood in the dish as well and lots of great flavours. Obviously the dish was made better by the fact that my stomach was rumbling very loudly.

My friend’s meatball penne pasta was equally tasty, although it was a little too heavy for me with that heat outside.

The fish and chips was cooked well as well with the fish very juicy and not oily. I don’t know why I agreed to share 3 meals between 2 people though, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. I ended up not eating any of the fish and chips…

According to Google Maps though this restaurant seems to have closed or relocated, but Urbanspoon hasn’t caught on to this. Is there any truth to this Sydney-siders?

Our trip went for a few days and we did a lot of fun things which I will share with you soon including the Biennale of Sydney. For now, here’s a few more photos of those awesome kites. If you went to this year’s Festival of the Wind and have photos on your blog or elsewhere you’d like to share, I’d love to see them!

I am seriously missing that sunshine, I don’t know what’s up with our weather in Melbourne but really hope that sun will stop hiding soon!

Papa Giovanni
Phone: (02) 9130 4772
172 Campbell Parade, Sydney NSW

Papa Giovanni Pizza House on Urbanspoon

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  • msihua November 4, 2013, 10:57 am

    You my dear, seriously take some of the best photos! Well done!

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook November 10, 2013, 5:16 pm

    You take such a beautiful pictures!!! I really wish to visit Australia one day. This year some of our friends traveled to Australia and they had amazing time (and had great food!). Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!


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