Dead Man Espresso, South Melbourne

Dead Man Espresso proudly takes its name from the story of the early settlers in the area. At the time South Melbourne was called ‘Canvas Town’ which stank of the dead and wreaked of despair, a stark contrast to what is it today. The early gold diggers forged a town out of nothing and now allows us to enjoy a beautiful meal in a gorgeous setting in an area that we now know so well as a hub for good food.

Whenever I’m in South Melbourne, I usually go to Chez Dre because of their delicious cakes, but that day we decided to try Dead Man Espresso instead.

The decor was industrial, very wooden and quite bright in most parts of the cafe. I adored the environment and was thankful that we had visited quite late in the day so had heaps of space to ourselves.

We started off our meal with coffees of course. Coffees here are from Seven Seeds and come in many styles. We ordered a latte and a cappuccino and then I ordered another piccolo. All coffees were smooth and fragrant with hints of caramel and berries.

I ordered the green pancakes ($18) which had 3 green veggie pancakes with edamame bean salad, citrus butter, smoked salmon and a poached egg. It certainly tasted green as well. It was fresh and healthy tasting (other than the huge butter).

I liked the slight brunch on the pancakes but was quite disappointed with my non-runny yolk. 🙁 There goes my fun for the day. To my shock and horror, Yuye said he actually prefers this type of yolk because it’s slightly gooey instead of runny. WHAT? How did I only find this out now??

“You can have the egg then” I exclaimed and so he did. It was too bad it was the only egg we got that day, usually we’d have at least 3 between us.

Yuye ordered the smoked brisket sandwich made with Warialda beef bacon with apple, horseradish and celeriac remoulade and beetroot ($16). The meat was deliciously smokey and nicely salted. It was just like bacon, except with beef. I liked the crunch of the fresh beetroot which gave that nice texture. The remoulade added that bit of freshness which made the sandwich not as heavy. Unfortunately this dish is no longer on the menu (as it happens because I take too long to blog about it – I’m sorry!) but that means this has made way for fresher ingredients reflecting the seasons.

Overall, other than my sad egg yolk, we quite enjoyed our meal. The coffees were smooth and strong, the dishes fresh and delicious and the atmosphere great for catching up with friends.

Dead Man Espresso

Phone: (03) 9686 2255
Address: 35 Market St South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am-4:00pm, Saturday to Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm

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