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After a huge lunch and 3 cups of hot chocolate, we didn’t think we could fit in dinner at all. However, our friendly chocolate barista at Mork recommended Mr Scruffs to us so we just had to go.

“Lets see, today is Wednesday, you should go to Mr Scruffs as it’s half price on all food”. Half price did you say? What kind of expensive place is it to be able to offer half price on all their food? Even for one day that is just insane.

It turned out that they are quite cheap even without the huge discount, making their food cheaper than Maccas down the road. Who would ever go to Maccas then?

As we didn’t have much to do, we decided to head there early and get a table, it was a very wise decision. We arrived at around 5:30pm, the street parking was free after 5pm so didn’t need to drive around for a park. But as we entered, we realised it was nearly full already!

The half price on food starts at 6pm and goes until 10pm every Wednesday but if you want a table, I suggest arriving well before 6:30pm. By about 6:15pm, people were starting to crowd around the not so big room, waiting desperately for someone to finish their meal.

The vibe is young and as it’s a bar, it’s a little loud as well. If you enjoy that atmosphere, cheap booze and cheap food, this would be your paradise.

Just be prepared to wait for your food. We waited about half an hour before they started arriving at the table.

As we weren’t hungry at all, we decided to order a little less. Less being still more than usual since it’s half price anyway.

First up was the two tacos – fish taco with corn chip crumbed with capsicum & corn salsa, lettuce & chipotle aoili (normally $6, Wednesday $3). It was beautifully crumbed with crispy and not soggy batter and tasted quite fresh. We found it a little under seasoned, which was quite easily fixed with some salt. The overall balance of flavours and textures was good.

The second taco was the pulled pork taco with smoked apple mayo, cos, cherry tomato, picked fennel & chorizo ($6, Wednesday $3). Again a tad under seasoned but easily fixed, the pulled pork was melt in my mouth and combined with the classic flavours of apple and veggies, it was a cracker dish.

I really enjoyed the sticky chicken wings with chipotle BBQ sauce (normally $9, Wednesday $4.50). It was gooey and sweet with strong flavours and was quite chilli. Yuye thought it was a bit too chilli for him but it was just right for me.

We also ordered salt and vinegar onion rings (normally $6, Wednesday $3). I expected them to come with a salt and vinegar dipping sauce but it turned out that the onions themselves were pickled! They were quite sour actually and again Yuye didn’t quite like them. I thought it was quite unique and tasty, but if you don’t like pickled onions, you won’t like this dish.

We could only order one main dish as it was seriously already too much food, but it turned out that I may have ordered the biggest and the most not photogenic dish there was. It was the Austin Midnight Sandwich with beef brisket, cheddar, pickles, mustard, mayo and pickled red onion (normally $12, Wednesday $6). This sandwich was seriously larger than it looked. Being quite toasted, the bread was completely flat and quite dry. I’d have preferred my bread to have some moisture which would make it a bit easier to eat and not so dry inside. The brisket was tender and the rest of the filling paired well with it, but the dryness of the bread made it difficult to eat and since we were already quite full, we ended up taking half of it away.

Next time we visit, I will have to order one of their burgers since it sounded the best on the menu. Even at un-discounted prices, Mr Scruffs still offers inexpensive fare matched with cheap cocktails and beers all in a hipster bar setting. If you find yourself on that end of Smith street on a Wednesday, be sure to pop by for some seriously cheap eats that will make you so full you wouldn’t be able to walk.

Mr Scruffs

Phone: (03) 9995 3881
Address: 60 Smith St Collingwood, VIC
Opening Hours:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday – Wednesday: 12:00pm-1:00am
Thursday – Saturday: 12:00pm-4:00am
Sunday: 12:00pm-1:00am

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  • Curious Charlie May 16, 2015, 11:00 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Adding this to our list of adventures, after exams. Father’s Office also has 50% off Wed-Sun after 11pm. It’ll be a rushed meal, unless you drive. 😉


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