Steak Ministry Bar & Grill, Glen Waverley

Since its opening back in June 2014, my family and I have already been countless times. As Glen Waverley had been my home for a good 20 years, even though I’ve just moved away, I still frequent the area for the good food that has now become quite renowned.

Foodies will travel to the area in search for that perfect dish and car parking has become a nightmare. Don’t even bother with Kingsway street parking, go straight into the big car parks. With the new apartments above Glen Waverley station opened around the same time, Glen Waverley is still growing and there is room for even more delicious food joints to open their doors.

Owners of Steak Ministry, Gerrard Velupillai and Craig Lane has done very well with the New Pork style steakhouse using driftwood, old tannery metal fittings and pictures of their star – the almighty cow as decoration. They also own the cafe Shine (Italian) across the road, Paradise Road Thai restaurant as well as Elephant Corridor Indian restaurant next door, building a good empire within the Glenny food scene. Steak ministry was a good move as there no good steak restaurants in and around the area so it’s no wonder it’s always full.

Every time I have been, the place was full so it’s definitely best to make a booking. However, one of the times that we had visited, even though a booking was made for 8pm, we waited and waited until almost 9pm before we got our seats. We were quite hungry and definitely not happy. So much so that we got into a bit of an argument with the manager. We still decided to sit down as we had already waited such a long time and the manager did offer us a few entrees as an apology. However, as everyone’s moods were ruined by the ordeal of waiting, our friendly waiter tried very hard to make our night as enjoyable as possible to which we were quite thankful for.

Apart from that small (although seemed quite big at the time) hiccup, all of our other visits have been fantastic. At the very least, the food had always impressed and we’ve walked away satisfied every time.

We’ve tried all of their oysters and they have changed the oyster flavours over time as well so I won’t go into detail about each of them, but I will say that none of them have quite taken my fancy unfortunately. The oysters I’ve found to be the most unexciting, but that’s possibly because the rest of the food shined a lot more.

We’ve ordered the South Beach Calamari ($16) but the one we ordered has now changed in ingredients. Our version had chorizo and parsley salad and smoked chilli mayonnaise. The calamari was lightly crispy on the outside and inside was moist and well cooked and the dish had a good balance of flavours. I’ve also tried their new version with BBQ pineapple and chilli and the calamari was the same good quality. Some calamari end up being soggy but Steak Ministry’s was not.

Another dish – crisp wagyu & bone marrow ($18) which is also no longer available on the menu was quite interesting and well executed, which shows the chef’s creativity and cooking skills.

Another starter worth ordering is the Rib’a’licious ($16 per person). For one portion, you will get about 1 of each type of rib so if everyone wants a taste of the different varieties, it’s good to order a few portions to share. We ordered four portions for 7 people. It included the sticky lamb, BBQ pork, beef short rib & chicken rib. I enjoyed all of the flavours but my favourite was the sticky lamb as it a perfect blend of sweet and savoury and melted in my mouth. If you order many portions at once, they will arrive on a very impressive board too.

If you don’t feel like steak, you can also order their pork ribs in half or whole racks. Again the flavours of the ribs have changed and what we had ordered were on the old menu so these photos are just there as inspiration. We found the flavours at the time to be full of flavour but were a little simple and the meat on the ribs were a little dry. I liked Squire Loft’s ribs better, but then again I’d usually order steak. 😛

We’ve ordered regular steaks before with individual serves but after trying the tomahawk, we have never gone back to regular steaks. Tomahawks are wagyu 5+ (which isn’t the highest grade but enough to make it totally juicy and tender) and the waiter will usually bring it out for you to gawk at first and then take it away to cook. They will then show you the cooked version with the bone attached before they cut it up for you. If you like to entertain and impress guests, this is a perfect dish to do so.

They come in many sizes and just as a guide, we’ve usually ordered a 1.4-1.9kg piece for 4-5 people depending on how hungry you are as well as sides and entrees and they’ll cost perhaps around $150 for one. Of course, being wagyu, the meat is marbled and when cooked, the meat becomes more tender from the fat melting into the rest of the meat which is why we love it.

The steaks can also come with a variety of sauces. The bearnaise is quite buttery but with the added truffles taste wonderful on the steak and is Yuye’s favourite. My favourite is the red wine sauce from the clean deep and distinct red wine flavour which some people might find overpowering and a bit bitter but I love it. The mushroom sauce is just average I find.

A waiter/waitress will also bring around a mustard board with various selections to pick from.

The hand cut chips ($9) have been hit and miss. At the start the chips were fantastic but in recent times, it was a bit dry and unappetising.

The market veggies change with the seasons. It used to be the asparagus with egg yolk for a long time and recently changed to crispy kale and broccolini. Both have been good and I do recommend ordering the veggies to go with your steak.

If you think Steak Ministry can only do steaks, you are very wrong. Their desserts have been quite impressive both in taste and in presentation. Their famous Bomb ($32) which is a white chocolate & hazelnut Grand Marnier liquid centre bomb with chocolate copper coating and salted chocolate soil comes on liquid nitrogen, as if floating on a cloud. The Grand Marnier centre was covered in a thick chocolate layer and made it quite difficult to cut open to reveal the booze, so generally someone just eats the whole thing.

I watched the chef make the dessert and was quite impressed with his attention to detail and just how intricate all their desserts are. If you’re ordering a dessert, I recommend going over to the glass wall and have a peek inside.

After trying many dishes on the menu, wines and various cocktails and beers, we’ve always had a good meal and can’t fault many of their dishes nor service (apart from that once…ahem). The level of service does depend on which waiter you get but most of them I’ve found quite friendly and attentive while not being too obtrusive. The meals will be more expensive than your usual fare, but you are getting what you pay for which is great quality ingredients cooked with care and creativity and we’ve always felt a sense of good entertainment here too.

So don’t be deterred by the negative reviews online and try the place for yourself.

Steak Ministry Bar & Grill

Phone: (03) 9560 1818
Address: 39-51 Kingsway Parade Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
Opening Hours:
Monday – Tuesday: 5:00pm-11:30pm
Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00pm-11:30pm

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  • Curious Charlie May 24, 2015, 2:40 am

    That dessert looks amazing! And those chips look exactly like the ones from the fish & chip shop in Degraves. 😛 I’ve always wondered about this place, being literally at the end of the station.


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